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The Inter-University Center for Japanese Studies offers an intensive ten-month program of training at the advanced level in Japanese. Training focuses on development of the ability to converse in Japanese on specialized subjects, to comprehend and deliver public presentations, and to read and write materials in Japanese in order to function professionally in academia, business, government, and other fields. The Center admits up to 60 students a year who are graduate students enrolled in a degree program at a university or college, qualified undergraduates, college graduates who intend to enroll in a graduate program after completing Center training, or professionals already working in Japan-related fields who hold a degree or advanced degree; have demonstrated outstanding professional promise; have finished two years or more of college-level study of Japanese or the equivalent; and have obtained an acceptable score on the Inter-University Center Japanese Proficiency Test. The Center's 10-month program is intended for students who are embarking on careers in some area of Japanese studies or a profession in which fluent Japanese is necessary. The Committee welcomes applications from graduating seniors, graduate students, or full-time professionals who can demonstrate a mature commitment to a career related to Japan. For application deadlines and more information, please see the Center's website.

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