Emerson, Bill, National Hunger Fellowship

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The Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship is an 11-month fellowship that allows recent college graduates and others to gain real-world exposure to issues of domestic poverty and hunger. Students receive a 10-day orientation and training session in Washington, D.C., followed by a field placement in a host community. At field sites, fellows perform policy or substantive community service work, such as establishing food recovery or school feeding programs. At policy sites located in Washington, D.C., fellows conduct research, prepare reports, and assist with lobbying efforts. The Fellowship awards a "living allowance" of $14,500, in addition to health insurance, a housing subsidy, and reimbursement for travel expenses. This award is open to U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents aged 18 or older. Most applicants are recent college graduates with a variety of backgrounds and life experiences, and may also be graduate students. The application deadline is in mid-January. For more information, please call the Congressional Hunger Center at 202-547-7022 x29.

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